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Study Abroad Visa Assistance

International students must have a student visa to study in a foreign country which involves complicated procedures. The first step in securing a student visa is to get an admission letter from the university you want to attend. After this, you need to submit financial, academic records, attend interviews and prove your language proficiency. Moreover, the entire process varies for different countries and universities.

A student visa determines how long you are allowed to study in the country. A Short-term Student Visa will allow you to study abroad for three months, while a Long-term Student Visa will permit you to stay for your course duration. If you are an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student, most countries will classify the student visa according to the degree level.

Study Abroad Visa Assistance
Student visa application assistance by IFlyAboard

Student visa application assistance by IFlyAboard

Our study visa consultants at IFlyAbroad can help you out with the entire procedure of acquiring a student visa to get you into the desired University with minimal effort. It can include filling out forms, completing financial statements, and also providing guidance through mock interviews.

We organize pre-departure events to help you prepare and be educated before you move to an overseas country. The objective is to expose you to the nature of life in a foreign country. Present or recently finished students give their first-hand experience so that new students can adapt to this new environment. We ensure you will make the most out of your university education.

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Where can I submit my application for a student visa?

Candidates can apply for visas online, on the official website of the consulate or simply visit Visa processing authority in person with all required documents and visa fee to get your application processed.

What kind of student visa will I require?

Depending on the type of course, country and University regulations, length of the stay, you need to obtain different VISA permits. It also matters whether you're studying undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral programs, as visa requirements differ for each category. It's best to consult the University website you secured admission from or the respective country's official website.

Is it possible for me to work while on my student visa?

Depending on your visa, you may be able to begin working once school begins. You can spend up to 20 hours/week on work. Rules vary depending on the type of visa held by yourself.

What resources can I use to learn more?

You can get in touch with IFlyAbroad consultants for more information regarding visa permit procedures. Additionally, respective countries and universities provide online resources for students to get acquainted with specific procedures.

Our expert advisors at IFlyAbroad are always ready to help. Contact us today.

Our Testimonials

I’m fortunate to come across IFlyAbroad. Best of the expertise is available regarding every aspect of studying abroad and all the assistance is given without making it look complicated anywhere.


Construction Project Management, Canada

Before IFlyAbroad, I had faced multiple rejections for acquiring a student visa and they were able to help me achieve this in the 2 months that followed. I am grateful for their help.


MSc Data Analytics, USA

I had my worries about going abroad to study, but after visiting IFlyAbroad, I realized that it might not be as bad as I had first thought. They reassured me how good I could do abroad.


Master of Business Administration, UK