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Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships are one of the most effective ways to cut down on education costs, allowing students who might otherwise be unable to afford tertiary study. Winning reputed scholarships is valued as a great achievement because it significantly adds to your CV for prospects. You can choose from multiple scholarship options, from program-specific or major-specific study abroad scholarships to general ones that target all international learners.

The criterion of a "meritorious student" is not a prerequisite as such. There's a good chance of getting awarded one as long as you start searching early in your coursework. The important aspect to know about your scholarship is whether it can be renewed periodically until the course completion or whether it's a one-time scholarship.

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad

At IFlyAbroad, we assist you all through the process of getting a scholarship, from organizing the application process to cashing it in. Depending on your choice of country, course you want to pursue, and your academic grades, we will match the appropriate scholarship programs available for you.

Thousands of students have benefitted from our assistance with international scholarships. Your application is in good hands when you let us help! We will craft an accurate and convincing scholarship application to increase your chance of receiving one.

You can also receive our training that helps you go through various screening steps conducted by scholarship-giving institutions.

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Is it possible to get financial aid for studying abroad?

There are many ways to find funding for studying abroad despite the huge competition. Try contacting the respective university website first because they may have scholarship schemes for your course. Other external organizations might offer financial aid for selected courses based on your merit and track record.

How do I determine my eligibility for applying for a scholarship?

It is in your best interest to read the details on eligibility for a scholarship before applying. Nationality and subject of study can affect whether you are eligible or not, so you must know this information beforehand.

For most scholarships, you'll need to have already been accepted onto a program at that university. Government scholarship funds will usually be designated for domestic and international students separately--so make sure the scheme is right before applying!

Is it possible to apply for a scholarship before being accepted into a University course?

If you are applying for scholarships to attend school, let the university know. Some schools provide fully-funded places only and require applicants to be well-funded before they can apply. However, many universities allow students to submit an application even if there isn't a scholarship yet but give them time until after acceptance is sent out or the prior semester starts so that it doesn't create problems with funding later on.

Can you suggest the best time for applying to study abroad scholarships?

Scholarship deadlines vary depending on the start date of the academic year in a given country. In most cases, you'll have until late summer to apply for fall admission and up until early autumn to submit your application if it's winter that you're looking at. To avoid missing any key dates, make sure to check with individual scholarship providers.

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I’m fortunate to come across IFlyAbroad. Best of the expertise is available regarding every aspect of studying abroad and all the assistance is given without making it look complicated anywhere.


Construction Project Management, Canada

Before IFlyAbroad, I had faced multiple rejections for acquiring a student visa and they were able to help me achieve this in the 2 months that followed. I am grateful for their help.


MSc Data Analytics, USA

I had my worries about going abroad to study, but after visiting IFlyAbroad, I realized that it might not be as bad as I had first thought. They reassured me how good I could do abroad.


Master of Business Administration, UK