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About Migration

Study-abroad migration is the movement of people from one country to another for educational purposes. This type of migration happens because people go abroad each year for academic studies, language acquisition, or cross-cultural experience. In many cases, the course students want to pursue may not be available in their home country, or they might find it too expensive. In such instances, these learners seek admission into overseas universities where courses are affordable and of good quality – a win-win for everyone!

Today, an increasing number of international students go to various countries for their tertiary studies. Simply because of the opportunities international education provides- better job opportunities, higher pay, the experience of working in different countries, work-permit or visa exemption, opportunity to settle permanently with their family, and many more.

Depending on the country and length of the stay, fulfilling migration-related procedures is complicated and requires elaborate legal permissions of the country you're migrating to.

About Migration
We Serve Your Migration Needs

We serve your migration needs

We have professionals at IFlyAbroad who have extensive experience with the legal procedures of different countries for enabling smooth study abroad migration.

We guide you in choosing a country where you want to study or work, and we offer you the best options in the world for student migration. We will assist you with everything from getting the necessary information on courses offered by universities globally to facilitating visas for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking business, permanent resident, or job seeker visas.

Once you make choices regarding the country, university and course you want to pursue, we take everything into our hands to complete the required procedures for your successful admission. We will process legal formalities of the respective country, immigration rules required by it, and hefty documentation procedures therein. Additionally, you may go through our Pre-departure Training For Migrants, and you'll be ready to make your overseas transition smoothly and start a new life there.

Migrate for Abroad Education

Right Places For Migrate

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Migrate to Canada

Immigration to Canada can be achieved through a wide range of programs. If you’re not yet sure how to select the right Canadian immigration program for you, you’re in the right place. Our immigration to Canada section has three main categories:

  • * Permanent Residence : Long-term immigration programs, including economic programs
  • * Work Permits : Programs which allow you to work in Canada for a limited period.
  • * Study Permits : Permission to study at approved institutions, with the possibility to work during and after your studies and options to transition to permanent residence.

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Migrate to UK

The UK is still one of the world’s greatest countries. It’s incredible quality of life and multicultural cities make it one of the most attractive destinations .

Some of the ways to move to the UK include:

  • * Migrating to the UK with a job offer on hand
  • * Settling down in the UK through the student route
  • * Settling down in the UK if you are married or engaged to a UK citizen or permanent resident
  • * Migrating to the UK as an entrepreneur setting up a business
  • * Migrating to the UK as an investor

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Migrate to Australia

Australia is one of the world’s most desired migration destinations.

How to Settle in Australia ?

  • * Australia’s pioneering immigration department has streamlined the application process to reduce processing time. However, a comprehensive and accurate application package is vital to taking advantage of this. With a dedicated Australia migration team Y-Axis has the knowledge and experience to help you file an application with the highest chances of success. Our team Will help you file it with confidence.

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We’re a one-stop solution for all your study abroad needs. Get in touch with us today to take your first steps.

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Is it possible for me to get permanent residence in the country I studied in?

Yes, you certainly can. You can apply for a residence permit to stay in the country if the government allows overseas students to become permanent residents after completing their studies.

What are my alternatives if my visa application is denied: Will I lose my money?

If your visa is being rejected, resubmit it by providing stronger reasons why you want to study abroad, add more supporting certificates and referrals in the documentation. High commissions/embassies may be more willing to give you a visa if their concerns are alleviated, and most of the time, they'll refund tuition fees (less some administrative charges). You can ask for help from the consultant regarding this matter.

Is it possible for me to visit home during my studies abroad?

If you have a multiple entry visa, which most countries allow their students to get when they study abroad in another country, you can visit your home during the holidays. It's useful because it allows for easier travel between two different places.

What is the course of action if the institution rejects my application for a certain programme?

If a school rejects you during the application process, it's not all over. You can try applying for a different course in the same university with some additional supporting documents or choose another place that might fit your requirements better.

Our Testimonials

I’m fortunate to come across IFlyAbroad. Best of the expertise is available regarding every aspect of studying abroad and all the assistance is given without making it look complicated anywhere.


Construction Project Management, Canada

Before IFlyAbroad, I had faced multiple rejections for acquiring a student visa and they were able to help me achieve this in the 2 months that followed. I am grateful for their help.


MSc Data Analytics, USA

I had my worries about going abroad to study, but after visiting IFlyAbroad, I realized that it might not be as bad as I had first thought. They reassured me how good I could do abroad.


Master of Business Administration, UK