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Exclusive Coaching for GRE & IELTS by Subject Experts

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To study abroad, every prospective student must clear the language proficiency tests preferred by the country or university of their choice.

In English speaking countries, GRE/IELTS are the most accepted tests for universities to grant admission into their course programs. GRE and IELTS are two different tests, but they both have a similar purpose.

GRE is meant for pursuing a Masters Degree, whereas IELTS validates one's English skills as it tests proficiency in the language. GRE tests much more than language skills such as mathematical aptitude, basic science and geography.

For this reason, GRE is more challenging compared to IELTS for aspirants, and both the exams have a different method of awarding scores. GRE is highly accepted by USA universities, whereas IELTS is popular with UK universities. However, there are no general rules, and individual universities go by their choice.

IFlyAboard: Perfect for Beginners & Re-takers

IFlyAboard: Perfect for Beginners & Re-takers

At IFlyAbroad, our subject matter experts take care of all your coaching needs for successfully clearing the examinations of GRE/ IELTS. Our course material and pedagogy are designed for the GRE, a test that evaluates your problem-solving skills. We help you solve questions with maximum accuracy and speed so you can maximize your score on this exam.

We have a separate classroom coaching for IELTS and seek to provide the best support to help you hone your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English. We conduct one-on-one discussions and ensure close interaction with everyone.

We also employ counsellors who ensure that all our students receive continuous feedback on their performance related to the examinations and help them plan their way ahead accordingly.

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Can I get a good GRE score while having low math and English skills?

The GRE tests how well you can solve a problem, not your theoretical knowledge or facts. Our expert coaching strategies at IFlyAbroad help you to do this quickly and accurately, enabling you to face the exam even without extensive knowledge of Maths and English.

How much time should I devote to GRE prep?

The amount of time it takes a student to prepare for the GRE varies. For some, preparation can take as little as 2 months, and for others, it could be 6 months or more.

What are the registration cost and validity period for IELTS?

The registration cost for IELTS is around $ 245-255 USD or 13,500 INR. The validity of the examination is 2 years.

How does IELTS testing measure scores?

The IELTS test scores are calculated on a scale from 0 to 9 Band with a .5 band increment. The average is then taken as an overall score, and it reflects scores attained in all four sections, which include Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Our Testimonials

I’m fortunate to come across IFlyAbroad. Best of the expertise is available regarding every aspect of studying abroad and all the assistance is given without making it look complicated anywhere.


Construction Project Management, Canada

Before IFlyAbroad, I had faced multiple rejections for acquiring a student visa and they were able to help me achieve this in the 2 months that followed. I am grateful for their help.


MSc Data Analytics, USA

I had my worries about going abroad to study, but after visiting IFlyAbroad, I realized that it might not be as bad as I had first thought. They reassured me how good I could do abroad.


Master of Business Administration, UK