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Study In Netherlands

As one of the most preferred countries in the EU, education in the Netherlands for international students will be lucrative because of industrialisation, a flourishing economy and plentiful work prospects available there. Because of its central location on the European continent, the country is sometimes known as the "doorway to Europe."

The Dutch universities provide well-designed courses, and tuition fees are affordable compared to other higher education locations. It’s within the reach of deserving students to apply for Netherlands Scholarships. About 95% of the population speaks English, making it a safe and secure environment for international students.

Study In Netherlands

Course Fees And Life In Netherlands

The annual tuition charge for European Union (EU) students in the Netherlands is around 1800-4000 Euros, whereas for international students it is around 6000-20000 Euros which is low compared to any other EU country. Students pursuing PhD in Netherlands are considered as employees of the Universities.

Any student's life will be more than enriched by a balanced life of studying and cultural exploration in the Netherlands. The country is also recognised for its flat terrain, tulip fields, moderate climate, delectable cuisine, and scenic bicycle routes.

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